Asahi Group Sustainable Procurement Principles
The Purchase of Materials
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Procurement clean line
Introduction of Asahi's Procurement Department
The Asahi Breweries' corporate philosophy is to contribute to the promotion of healthy living and the enrichment of society worldwide with the highest levels of product quality and service.

We, Asahi's Procurement Department, aim to embody this corporate philosophy through our purchase activities of materials. We choose our suppliers with our fair evaluation on the quality of their product, their prices, the delivery dates, their technique and performances, and other factors.

We continuously try to create firm trust and long-term cooperative relationships with our suppliers. Also, as a member of the society we would like to care about the environment and to work on the betterment of the society together with our suppliers.

We hope this homepage will enhance the understanding and cooperation toward our purchase activities of materials.
Departments in Charge of Procurement and the Main Products Purchased
Department Types of goods Main items
Procurement Department Raw materials Malt, hops, corn grits, corn starches, fruit juice, flavor, alcohol, dietary fibers, etc.
Supplies bottles, crowns, labels, cans, cartons, kegs, pet bottles, drink boxes, heavy oil, etc.
Supplementary supplies Diatomaceous earth, silicon dioxide, filters, etc.
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