The Purchase of Materials
The Flow Chart of the Business Procedure
Basic Purchasing Policy
Fairness and Justice
Consideration of Responsibilities to the Environment and Society
The Entry Sheet
The Contact Sheet
About the Entry Sheet
The applicant that hopes to have a business with Asahi Breweries should fill out and send the followings:
"Corporate Profile"
"Questionnaire on the Environment"
"Questionnaire on the Social Responsibilities"
Please fill out each sheet and send them to us. We will examine the contents of the sheets and will contact you later.
Depending on the business situation of the items of materials, not every applicant can register. In addition, after considering the entry sheet, we may ask for the additional references, hearing, and the investigation of your site in order for the registration. We would appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
Also the completion of the registration does not necessarily mean the commencement of our purchase. After your registration, we ask for the estimate of the items that we consider to purchase, and then we decide whether we purchase or not. The items of the materials are as follows. Please refer to "the Flow Chart of the Business Procedure."
This entry sheet is for the applicant who hopes to have a business of materials with Asahi's Procurement Department. All others do not fill out.
Main Items
Department Types of goods Main items
Procurement Department Raw materials Malt, hops, corn grits, corn starches, fruit juice, flavor, alcohol, dietary fibers, etc.
Supplies bottles, crowns, labels, cans, cartons, kegs, pet bottles, drink boxes, heavy oil, etc.
Supplementary supplies Diatomaceous earth, silicon dioxide, filters, etc.
Please understand that this entry sheet as well as the appendixes is subject to change without a prior notice.
If you have any question on filling out this entry sheet, please click here. We would appreciate it if you could understand that we cannot provide answers to the questions other than the entry sheet. Also, we would like you to avoid the questions on the phone.
Fill out the Entry Sheet.

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